Bangkok, Thailand

Ray Jay Rangsit – a 23 year old independent artist commonly known as Réjizz, was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a bilingual rapper focusing on lyrical storytelling while incorporating comedic elements into his lyrics as well. Through his music, he attacks various style of Hip Hop including Old school Boombap, Trap and even RnB in some of his songs. Although his career started out in Thailand, he seeks out success worldwide.

At 15, instead of writing school notes he wrote rap lyrics and punchlines throughout his high school years. Rap battles replaced lunch breaks and the pen and paper was his best friends. At 18 he recorded his first song using his earphones and Garageband in his iPhone. Now at 23, he recorded his first homemade EP called Origins EP produced by his childhood friend SS FLO. Origins EP is supposed to signify the start of a new era of hip hop music hence the name ‘origins’. It consists of 8 unique songs which has their own story and theme, his music videos demonstrates these themes clearer. In this EP, he worked with various artists such as ZAMBUG, Rhymekhamhaeng and D Gerrard.

All of his music can be streamed in all platforms and his music videos are all available on his Youtube Channel: Réjizz.


Hybrid between Modern Hip Hop and Oldschool Hip Hop


Independent (currently in negotiation with a label)


  • Flow Dojo (Rap group)


  • HIDDEN GEMS AWARDS 2020: Origins EP (2021)

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