Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

LUST is a two-piece experimental indie rock band based in Kuala Lumpur formed in 2016. Its members are Azfar Bakar and Faris Khairi who also perform under their solo moniker Orang and Krooktroupe, respectively. Never comfortable in staying in one place sonically, LUST leans into varied genres and moods with each release.

They started in the Malaysian music scene with the EP Chingichanga (2016), a 5-track release, described as “one style per track” by The Wknd, attached to a positive review. Their debut album Tekesima (2019), was a more focused and disciplined effort, garnering them wider recognition, winning Tapau Awards’ Album of the Year.

Vantablack (2020), created during lockdown, is the latest EP by the duo, switching gears once again for a darker vibe. The release made way for a collaboration with film outfit KFSK to create SILIKA, a black and white short film that experiments with storytelling through visuals, dance and music. The film premiered under a virtual campaign by the band called CLUB VANTABLACK – two weeks of content drops that also featured remixes, a live set, an AR filter competition, as well as exclusive merch.

Pre-covid times, LUST has performed extensively around South East Asia, and beyond that – South Korea for Zandari Festa. The band have performed at festivals such as Good Vibes, Urbanscapes and City Roars, and have opened for international acts such as Mew, Deerhoof, Say Sue Me and White Shoes and The Couples’ Company.


  • Indie Rock
  • Experimental




  1. Azfar Bakar (Vocal, Guitar)
  2. Faris Khairi (Vocal, Guitar)


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