Hanoi, Vietnam

In the trend of blending modern music into traditional ones by young independent artists, the project “Limebócx” stands out from incorporating diverse materials and their unique performance style. Limebócx is always a pleasant surprise on any stage they appear on, utilizing their Loop Station to mix in different instruments, with only 2 instrumentalists on stage – Trang Chuoi and beatboxer TuanSS, especially with their spectacular use of Dan Tranh (Vietnamese Long Zither) and Beatbox.

Longing for expressing music in their most natural way, Limebócx’s way of blending Vietnamese traditional sound into modern music represents freedom and eclecticity without being pigeonholed into any specific genre or rules. The sound of Ca Tru, Xam, Quan Ho are flexibly used, which audiences feel familiarized with, yet wowed by Limebócx’s creative way of giving them a whole different sound. Limebócx has performed on big stages, namely Hoi in Da Lat, Ngot’s 3rd album release, their own performance at VCCA, and the artist residency program Boogie Namie Boog in Gwangju, South Korea.


  • A blend between Vietnamese Northern folk music and electronic music, between beatbox/modern instruments and traditional ones.




  • TuanSS – loopstation, beatbox.
  • Le Chuoi – bass, guitar, vocal, dan tranh

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