DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Guernica Club is a Jakarta-based band that is composed of people who happen to have the same unexpected childhood lives and also shared the same taste of music influenced by the 80s disco funk and old dancing beats.

Guernica was formed in late 2019, created by a bunch of funk and electro-pop geeks that were heavily influenced by many particular artists. Since that moment, Guernica combined it into one piece, Guernica Club masterpiece.

Guernica consists of four members, with Kenisa as a vocalist, Fathur as bassist
& beatmaker, Raynaldo as guitarist and Yosua as keyboardist. The group associates themselves with nostalgic dreamers in a city of drumbeats.


Disco Synth Pop




  1. Kenisa – Vocal & Keys
  2. Yosua – Keys & Synth
  3. Fathur – Bass & Beat
  4. Aldo – Guitar