Bangkok, Thailand

Masterfully blending soulful melodies with Hip-hop/contemporary indie and Rnb/alternative inspired music, Alec Orachi is a singer/songwriter, producer whose musical versatility surpasses his age. With mesmerizing flows, emotional lyrics and beautifully crafted music, he’s able to bring you into his world and vividly paint his inner thoughts.

A 22 year-old Thai born who moved to Australia in 2014 alone to pursue his dream of studying abroad, but without enough consideration, depression and loneliness took over what would have been the best time of his life. From getting homesick to being racially abused, he turned to music as an escape to gain back his confidence and put all his miseries into his songs.


Soulful /RnB melodies with hiphop groove and alternative indie inspired music




  • Alec Orachi


  • RINS awards (Rap Is Now) hidden gems award
  • Cat Radio Top 100 Ranked 75th

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