More than a year has passed, but COVID-19 is still looming over all of us. Live music and entertainment industries have been hit hard, but we don’t want to lose hope and still want to look beyond the pandemic and prepare for the time we can all enjoy ‘real life’ together once again.

So, the 2nd edition of AMS shall be purely virtual once again – scheduled for Saturday 11 – Monday 13 September 2021, with pre-recorded showcases broadcasted live on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12; and virtual speed meetings on Monday 13.

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This year, we happily welcome 2 additional ASEAN countries – Cambodia and Vietnam – to our group of co-organizers. We do hope to be able to include all countries in the region in the near future, but because this is something we do on the side of our daily jobs, we want to grow at a rate that we can keep this passion-project running efficiently, effectively and offer the best experience to the participating artists, delegates and music fans.

Each of the 7 co-organizing countries i.e. Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam; shall feature 4 artists – totaling 28 artists, whom shall produce half-hour novel showcase videos that shall be premiered live on the dates of the showcase via a video streaming platform (TBA). Promoters, festival owners/curators, label representatives, distribution companies, media, etc, shall be personally invited by the co-organizers as delegates to view the showcase performances and then attend virtual speed meetings with the artists and/or their management the day after the showcases end.

Map of Southeast Asia and flags of ASEAN and its member countries.

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