Parinam Music and Seen Scene Space
Bangkok, Thailand

Piyasu Komaradat or ‘Poom’ for short, is based in Bangkok, Thailand and has been working in the music industry for 16 years.

He is the founder and CEO of independent record label, Parinam Music since 2007. The label has played a vital role in the development of the Thai indie scene, releasing a variety of artists such as Gym and Swim, Seal Pillow, Wave and So, temp. and FOLK9, which most of them are well received not only in Thailand, but also throughout Asia. They were invited to perform abroad, including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

In parallel with Parinam Music, Piyasu established Seen Scene Space, which is an independent concert promoter and organizer in 2013.

Seen Scene Space

Seen Scene Space is a Bangkok based independent concert promoter and organizer since 2013. We has consistently brought many exciting live acts from around the world such as: HYUKOH (S.Korea), THE FIN.(Japan), PREP (UK), THIS WILL DESTROY YOU (USA), MONO (Japan), PG.LOST (Sweden), LUCKY TAPES (Japan), YOGEE NEW WAVES (Japan), THE BLACK SKIRTS (Korea), SUNSET ROLLERCOASTER (Taiwan) and many more.

We annually hold our own music festival called POW FEST, which feature trending Thai and Asian bands. Our goal is to deliver great live acts to Thai fan bases and make Bangkok Asia’s new music hub.