Manager and Program director
Demajors (Organizer of Synchronize Festival)
Jakarta, Indonesia

Organizer of Synchronize Fest, one of the most awaited large-scale music festivals from Indonesia.

Synchronize Fest

It’s not just a Festival,
it’s a Movement

Synchronize Fest is an annual multi-genre music festival on a national scale that invites tens of thousands of audiences to celebrate the diversity of live music on five stages for three days, three nights, enjoy 100s of curated performances from the country’s favorite and best artists. from the decade of the ’70s,’ 80s, ’90s to 2000s. All popular music genres will be featured at Synchronize Fest.

Starting from the genres of pop, R&B, rock & roll, blues, folk, jazz, punk, heavy metal, hip-hop, reggae, ska, or the sub-genres of hardcore, metalcore, death metal, grindcore, industrial rock, new wave, indie pop, alternative rock / grunge, bossa nova, comedy and even dangdut will also be featured in this performance. Apart from enjoying hundreds of musical performances, Synchronize Fest will also present various other curated experiences for the audience, including Outdoor Cinema, Art & Merch Market, Records Fair to the F&B Festival.

The history of holding Synchronize Fest itself occurred in 2000. Starting from the innovative spirit of a group of young people who pioneered an electronic music festival until finally nine years later, in February 2009, it developed into a three-day music festival featuring a variety of the best acts from the ground live music entertainment scene. water at Plaza Indonesia Entertainment X’nter, Jakarta.