Head of Music
Scratch First (Organizer of Wonderfruit Festival)
Bangkok, Thailand

Guillaume de Maquillé aka Gee is the Head of Music of Wonderfruit Festival. He is managing the music bookings and supervises the music program and the artist management. Additionally, he oversees technical preparations and deliveries relating to performance and site (sound systems, lights, stages, etc).

From 19-24 years old, Guillaume was the president of LGO in France, responsible for organizing four music festivals per year and managing a rehearsal studio. After graduating with a masterof Electronic Engineering, he moved to South East Asia in 2009 and co-founded a group of building technology companies called iHome Systems, establishing branches in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore before selling the group to a large multinational company. Guillaume then founded gigBazaar, the first online community marketplace for the music industry in South East Asia, before chasing his dream of operating music festivals in the region, full-time. He has been involved in myriad projects including Wonderfruit, Quest Festival, Paradise Island Festival, Karma Klique, Kolour in the Park, and many more. 

Wonderfruit Festival

Wonderfruit is Thailand’s annual carbon-neutral celebration of music, art, food, and ideas to catalyze positive impact.

Wonderfruit, produced by Thailand-based SCRATCH FIRST, is an opportunity for diverse communities to come together in Thailand in an environment where innovation, creativity and social impact go hand in hand.

Wonderfruit is a camping festival which takes place on a unique site of 160 acres in the nature. The festival welcomes visitors from around the world to share experiences from world-class live music acts and DJs to perspective-shifting talks and workshops, tantalizing tastes by award-winning chefs, family-friendly activities, holistic wellness journeys, sustainable architecture and immersive art installations.

In 2019, Wonderfruit welcomed for its 6th edition 20,000 guests during 5 days. More than 350 music acts from all music genres performed across 20 music stages.