Jakarta, Indonesia

Kolibri Rekords was founded in 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. It started as a group of friends finding out how to release music to the world. The initial idea was born from Daffa Andika, who was already a freelance music journalist at that time, tried to help Bedchamber to introduce their music out there. Over five years later, the label has now grown into a considerable outlet for new and fresh Indonesian independent music and which Vice Indonesia called as one of “The Best Indonesian Indie Labels Right Now”.

Kolibri Rekords

Under the slogan “amplifying the little chirps”, the label is consistent on discovering emerging and potential talents that shares similar values to what the label believes as good music. The spirit has led them to their first official release, “Perennial EP” by Bedchamber which at that time is considerably breakthrough for a completely new artist and new label thus has defined the ground for the record label musically and stylistically.

What follows is the signing of more bands that enriched the label as a musical parlour. ATSEA, Gizpel, Kaveh Kanes and Low Pink are among the first wave that helped the label strengthen its foundation for the immersive next wave which includes Flowr Pit, Grrrl Gang, Jirapah and Circarama. As a creative partner, the label stands with the bands to find out the best way to present their music out there, whether digital or physical. It also includes housing shows and touring, which are literally the best part of running the label. The label has hosted dozens of shows and tours, spread across Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Kolibri Rekords also has partnered with French record label RPUT & Croque Macadam and UK record label Damnably to distribute some of our releases worldwide.

The label has two kinds of catalog, the main and alphabet catalog. The main catalog focuses releasing on digital and physical format, which centers on EPs and albums that are more presentable in production value while the alphabet catalog, serves as a sub-catalog which releases singles, demos, splits, or any other formats that embraces a more spontaneous and experimental approach to be released on digital platforms.