Bangkok, Thailand

Valentina Ploy (Valentina Giardullo) is a Thai-Italian singer/songwriter from What The Duck (WTD) music label, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Her relationship with music started at a very young age when she began to play violin and writing her own music. Songwriting has always been the main channel she used to better express herself and put out her feelings and emotions until she decided to join some well-known talent shows in both Italy and Thailand. She then made her official debut in the music industry as an artist in 2019 with her single “See you in Life”, released with WTD, which caught the attention of both national and international audience after reaching over 11 million streams and was followed by two more singles called “Wire” and “Let Go”.

Valentina Ploy writes all of her music on her own with her acoustic guitar, as part of a journey written in her very personal diary, and gets the help from one of the top producers in Thailand, Pokpong Jitdee, with the production of her songs. The young artist had the chance to perform in a number of venues and festivals in Thailand and Singapore.

Her first EP album, “Satellite”, was released in June 2020 and she is already planning the release of the second EP with new music and international collaborations and productions. 




What The Duck Music


  • Valentina Ploy is a solo artist with 4 backup musicians

Contact Information

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  • Press: First +66 (0)95 553 8052
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