Manila, Philippines

UPRISING is an independent HipHop label based in the Philippines that has been able to maintain a level of quality without the backing of any industry machinery. The label has managed to support over 30 of the scene’s most known and unique HipHop artists from all around the archipelago, through self-produced grassroots events, tours, album launches, as well as dominating in the hyper-competitive world of modern battle rap. UPRISING has earned its reputation of doing without trends and hype by mostly relying on the sheer quality and vision of its output. 

Since its first release in 2015, the collective has then released a total of 20 albums to date – of which utilize all three major languages of Filipino, Bisaya, and English – and are the products of painstaking collaborations among the roster’s diverse selection of solo emcees, producers, turntablists, graffiti-writers-turned-graphic-designers, directors, video editors, and sound engineers.

Even during this year’s unfortunate pandemic and corresponding quarantine, UPRISING has continued to create music, produced three major releases, and was one of the first to conduct Live Online Album Launches (that resourcefully featured its label-mates from the more remote regions).  

UPRISING seeks to continue churning out its own standard of timeless Filipino HipHop. 

Performers for ASEAN Music Showcase Festival (Not in any particular order)

  • Tatz Maven 
  • Kartel (Tala and Ilaya) 
  • Sayadd (of Illustrado) 
  • Kemikal Ali x DJ Nicko
  • Supreme Fist 
  • Apoc






  • Amboi
  • Anygma
  • Apoc the Death Architect
  • Arbie Won
  • Bambu
  • BLKD
  • Dennis
  • DJ Antsdru
  • DJ Nicko
  • Emar
  • Industriya
  • Ice Bergg
  • Illustrado (Batas + Goriong Talas + Sayadd + Apo Lerma)
  • Juss Rye Kartel (Tala + Ilaya)
  • Kemikal Ali
  • Kensa
  • KILB
  • KJah
  • Kregga
  • Plazma the Demented
  • Protege
  • Redrum
  • Supreme Fist
  • Tatz Maven
  • Tibbz
  • The Tooters (UMPH + Sloj + Supreme Fist)
  • Tweng the Monkey
  • Youngalaxy
  • Zaito


Contact Information

Email: (Alaric Yuson, Manager)