Jakarta, Indonesia

A singer with a unique vocal character, quirky sense of style, artistic concept, and energetic stage performance that will captivate your heart. She will give everyone a magical experience that they’ll keep in their memory forever.

She has always been a big fan of anything dreamy, psychedelic, and surrealism art. Been writing poetry since she was little as well. And after years of silence, she has nally decided to express her wildest vision in music now.

Last year, in the middle of the night after she got back from the studio when she tried to sleep, she listened to her loved one shared his story about what he’s been through on that day. Somehow, his story made her wondered. Then some words and melodies popped in her head. She went to the bathroom with her phone, wrote some words, put it in melodies, then she recorded it in the voice note. Later on, she sent the song to her long time friend who became her producer, Bagusikalisasi.

She always has vision about how her song feels like. She told Bagusikalisasi as her producer that this song should sound warm and dreamy that it’s going to soothe your heart when you listen to it. A song that you will put in your playlist every time you’re on your way back to your home and makes you want to HUG YOUR LOVED ONE AND KISS HER/HIM in the forehead. Or WHEN YOU NEED TO FIND YOUR INNER PEACE, YOU’LL PUT YOUR HEADSET ON THEN PLAY THIS SONG, LISTEN TO IT WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED . And it’s called “TOGETHER”.

She wishes that you can feel the beauty and sincerity of this song and hopefully it will touch your heart and help her to spread the news about her music.


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