Bangkok, Thailand

In a world where frontiers are more and more blurred, at least music wise, it can happen that from Thailand comes one of the most interesting Folk-Rock band of the international music scene.

When the polyhedric guitar player, Chalemrat, meets the intense voice of Pack, the music starts flowing within a mix of international and local flavor that – with their continuous crescendos – takes your breath away, then give it back and then steal it to start it all over again.

The Thai singing of Pack, eventually secularized in sound, perfectly blends with the modern counterpoint of the cello of Flug. In such a scenario, the rhythmic section is not just a support, but is the real push that makes all of those emotions flow in the air or taken back as a treasure that is ready to explode again. The organic sound of the band is meticulously developed with an impressive result in cohesivity, a typical characteristic of the greatest bands of all time.


Folk Rock




  1. Viritphon Gamolchinichkun (Pack) – Vocal, acoustic guitar
  2. Chalermrat Prueksachantana (Neung) – Electric guitar
  3. Samatchar Pourkarua (Flug) – Cello
  4. Nuttaphon Lerseanuswong (Yu) – Bass
  5. Sarut Babpawan (Piaw) – Drums


  • Season Awards 2018 – Record of the Year
  • Season Awards 2020 – Nominee for “Best Rock Album”, “Best Rock Artist” and “Rock Song of the Year”
  • The Finalist of Fungjai’s Tiger Jams 2

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