Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

“In the absence of words, let music be your guide to feel.”

mutesite is an instrumental rock band that tells stories through lyricless tunes.

Conceived in 08.2014, mutesite was formed to tell stories through the cracks of instrumental music. Their debut EP, “re:start” was released on 16.01.2016. Shortly after garnering both local and international attention, “re:start” is now sold in the US via Chautauqua Records, and in Japan nationwide via Parabolica Records. Having no lyrical interpretation, the band’s performances are nothing short from stellar. They have been featured in popular web platforms such as The Wknd Sessions, Big A Jamz and RedBull Music. Some of the notable festivals they have played includes Good Vibes Festival, Rocking The Region, Sime Darby Art Festival, and DongTaiDu Music Festival. “re:start” was rated as one of Malaysia’s top sellers on Bandcamp in 2016. To top the cake, a worldwide pole voted them as Post-rock Listeners’ Choice: The 10 Best New Acts Of 2016.

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